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Ghizal Mehdi

I am glad that I bought extended warranty from Buying process was too smooth and clear. Recently I submitted online claim and after 3 days Autopair approved & transfer the funds. I highly recommend to communicate online (chat/email) along online claim submission. As long as part is listed in your warranty agreement (fine print) you really don’t need to worry about anything. In nutshell, my experience from buying to submit my first claim was flawless. Autopair thanks for providing such excellent services..

Mitch Satov

Although I am in the 31 day waiting period, I am impressed and pleased with Autopair. It was an easy and simple sign up, and unlike other warranty offerings, Autopair clearly displays all warranty and pricing options on their website. l can take my car to ‘whomever I want to’ do the repairs, and maybe best of all, there was actually someone to call with questions!!! So far so good!!!

Reza Khawari

Amazing service, easy and simple buying process, definitely beats other warranty companies when comparing the price. They are more innovative and use technology to their advantage. Strongly recommend!!!

Tiffni Beedle

Autopair did an excellent job in getting my car fixed and all the expenses for it. This was my first claim and there was no problem in the process

Bennie Lenart

The best warranty I have ever dealt with. Autopair offers world class customer service!