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2 Year Warranty Plans As low as $50 per month…

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Canada's Best Used Car Extended Warranty with:

Canada's Best Used Car Extended Warranty with:

  • No Hassle
  • No Dealerships
  • No Quotes!

2 Year Protection Plans As low as $999…

2 year Protection Plans As low as $999...

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Choosing your car

Choosing Your Car
Warranty Plan

Autopair Warranty offers both “The Standard” and “The Works” plan to meet the needs of our customers. The plan that works for you will depend on a variety of factors including the age of your car, how long you plan to own it and your budget. Visit our Car Warranty Plan page for a detailed list of what each plan includes.

To ensure you always get the plan that’s right for your car, our knowledgeable Autopair Warranty agents are available to discuss your needs and personalize your car warranty experience.

To find the perfect car warranty for your vehicle and skip high dealer fees, call Autopair Warranty at 1.833.4AUTOPAIR

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Select from two great warranty plans

Autopair Warranty offers a cost-effective, direct to consumer alternative to dealerships soliciting car warranties. We put control back in the hands of potential car buyers and current car owners by eliminating the dealership markup fees. Autopair Warranty offers affordable options that will save you thousands on your new, used or extended car warranty.

Transfercase (4x4)

Cooling system

Engine (Gasoline or diesel)

Turbo charger / Super charger

Transmission (Manual or automatic)

Electrical and system accessories


Wheel Bearings and Homo-kinetic joints


Differentials (front & rear)

  1. Turbo charger / Super charger
  2. Engine (Gasoline or diesel)
  3. Cooling system
  4. Transmission (Manual or automatic)
  5. Electrical and system accessories
  6. Steering
  7. Transfercase (4x4)
  8. Differentials (front & rear)
  9. Brakes
  10. Wheel Bearings and Homo-kinetic joints
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Why Choose Autopair Warranty as your warranty provider?

With Autopair Warranty, we give car warranty buyers affordable options to ensure they have the coverage they need without being at the mercy of high dealership prices.

Whether you choose the Standard Plan or the Works, your plan:


Is available to you at the dealer’s cost


Includes ZERO Deductible


Includes Complementary Courtesy Plan & Roadside Assistance


Is a fully transferable warranty that can be passed to a new owner of your vehicle adding resale value


Has Instant Access to funds with Repair & Pay - Your warranty card is a MasterCard, no need to wait for a check!

Regina T.

Awesome service with friendly and professional people. Hands down would recommend the warranty.

Ena T.

Very professional and unique service that’s offered. I can now be confident in selling my used car! The warranty helped me sell the car for MORE because the person was blown away that I could provide a warranty with it. Will definitely be purchasing them again.

What They Say

Clients Testimonials

We know how important customer experience is for a business, and therefore, we strive to make your company excel in this.

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You wouldn’t pay for someone to pick your meal at a restaurant, so why pay a dealership to pick your car warranty? When you get a car warranty from a dealership, you’re essentially paying for the service of having your warranty picked for you.

While a dealership may give you the impression that you are able to pick your car warranty and how much you pay, their fee will be built in to any plan you choose, dramatically increasing your total purchase price. Not only does this result in a higher cost to you, you don’t have better coverage for having gone with the dealership.

At Autopair Warranty, we put control over your car warranty back in your hands. By cutting out the dealer from the equation, we’re eliminating the markup and changing the way people buy and finance an extended car warranty and/or a used car warranty. Canada based consumers can now save thousands with Autopair Warranty’s direct to consumer approach.

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Disrupting the Way you Buy Your Car Warranty

Autopair Warranty runs on a tech-focused platform aimed at disrupting the new and used car warranty industry to create fairer pricing and increased choice for consumers. As the way we get around our physical and digital world changes with “sharing economy,” Autopair Warranty is bringing that same equity to an industry that has long been seen as having no alternative.

Whether you are getting a straightforward new car warranty or are in the market to buy extended warranty for used car, Canada consumers can now save money without sacrificing coverage by choosing Autopair Warranty.

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Why Buy Used Car Warranty?

Paying for a used car warranty can seem daunting and like it might not be worth it. Why pump hundreds of dollars into a car that is worth far less than a new car, right? But this is exactly when you need a car warranty the most. Older cars are more likely to breakdown and a used car warranty is ideal for offsetting the costs and inconvenience of a potential breakdown.

With Autopair Warranty, we make it possible to get the extended car warranty Canadian buyers need at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

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Extended Car Warranty - Canada

Autopair Warranty makes it easier than ever to buy an extended warranty for a used car. Canadian dealerships often charge considerably more for a used car warranty than most consumers are willing to pay which leads to the decision to do without. While this can be a sound decision as the extended car warranty may be more expensive than some repairs, it leaves you vulnerable to unexpected costs.