The Standard Plan

The most common warranty plan with most popular term. For vehicles 10 years old or newer.

  • 24 Months/Unlimited
  • 0 – 140,000 KM – $849
  • 140,001 – 200,000 KM – $999
  • $3000 Per Claim – $0 Deductible


Vehicles 10 years or newer


24 Months/Unlimited


0 – 140,000 KM – $849
140,001 – 200,000 KM – $999

Claim Liabilities

$3000 Per Claim

Exotic Class Surcharge




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About Plan

The Standard Plan covers

Our Standard Plan offers coverage for 24 months and Unlimited Km with a maximum of $3,000 per claim payout up to the “Clean Value” in the Canadian Black Book of your vehicle and includes a $0 deductible to be paid by you. This plan can be purchased for vehicles that are 10 years old or newer that currently are between 0 & 140,000 km. There is a small surcharge for vehicles between 140,001 km to 200,000 km. *

Engine (gasoline or diesel )

Cylinder block, cylinder heads and all lubricated internal parts including crankshaft and main bearing, balancing shafts, pistons, piston rings and piston pins, connecting rods and bearings, camshafts and bearings, valves, valve guides and springs, valve seats, rocker arm( s ) and rocker shafts, push rods and hydraulic valve lifters, oil pump, harmonic damper, timing chain( s ) and timing pinions ( gears ), timing guides and tensioners, pulleys, engine flywheel, engine mount. (*Note: All seals and gaskets are included in the event of major failures only.)

Transfer Case (4X4)

Housing, gear assemblies, drive chain, pinions, internal main shafts, inner bearings, ordinary bearings and all lubricated internal parts, in all cases of damage caused internally.


Rental coverage of thirty dollars (CA$30) … per day, up to a total of seven (7) days, i.e. two hundred and ten dollars (CA$210), when the vehicle is repaired by an authorized repair center and the vehicle is out of service for more than forty-eight (48) hours following receipt of the estimate from the accredited repair center, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays (repairs specifically covered by this Agreement). The deductible does not apply to the rental coverage.

Transmission (manual or automatic)

Gearbox casing, torque converter, vacuum modulator, servo mechanism and governor covers, all lubricated internal mechanical parts including valve bodies, pressure pump, belts and drums, governors, pinion bearings, yokes and synchronizers, transmission supports, oil line and cooler. (*Note: All seals and gaskets are included in the event of major failures only.)

Seals and Gaskets:

All seals, gaskets and filters on components covered under the Section PARTS COVERED, clauses 1, 2, 3, in the event of a necessary repair relating to failure leading to a breakdown of the vehicle, provided the part is specifically covered by the plan selected.


Steering box and all lubricated internal parts, rack & pinion and all lubricated internal parts, power steering pump,

(and main and intermediate shafts in the event of major failure only).

Cooling System: Water pump, hydraulic fan clutch, thermal fan switch and electric fan motor.

Electrical and System Accessories

Starter, alternator, front and rear windshield wiper motors, front and rear windshield washer pumps, heater fan motor.

Differentials (front and rear)

Housings and all internal parts, front and rear axles, universal joints, crowns and pinions, crown and pinion bearings, pinions, positraction unit, satellites, yokes, transmission shafts, support bearings, transfer case support mounts, all gaskets, filters and rings. (*Note: All seals and gaskets are included in the event of major failures only.)

Turbocharger or Supercharger:

Housing, (in the event of damage caused internally) all lubricated internal parts, and only if provided part was installed at the factory by the manufacturer.

Wheel Bearings and Homokinetic Joints

Wheel bearings, homokinetic joints (in the event of major failures only).


Master cylinder, hydraulic power brake assembly, brake cylinders, brake caliper and pistons, brake compensators, brake lines and backing plates.

Roadside Assistance

The 24-hour roadside assistance services, at no extra charge, include – Towing, Flat Tire, Fuel Delivery Service, Locksmith Assistance, Battery Assistance and Winching. Refer to the Roadside Assistance question on our FAQ’s page.

*Surcharge of $149 for vehicles between 140,001 km to 200,000 km.