4 years of coverage for only $2,599 or 18 monthly payments of $145 interest free!

Get AIR MILES® Reward Miles™ on all of our plans.
You can apply for financing directly through the online application below, or in-person.
CreditGenie is able to get customers approved for financing regardless of credit score. If your credit isn’t great you can still be eligible for financing, just at a higher rate.
To apply for financing you will be required to provide valid piece of identification to our partner provider offering the CreditGenie solution. For certain loans, verification of your bank account transaction data will also be required; however, this can be done digitally through a seamless log in to your web-banking platform.
Interest rates on CreditGenie loans vary by credit score and also by the provider offering the financing. Promotional rate programs start at 0% interest, offered through select partners.
All loans offered through CreditGenie are open loans meaning you can pay them off at any time with no penalty.
Protecting your personal information is a priority to us. We use industry leading data encryption and maintain physical and electronic safeguards to ensure your personal information is always protected.