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Benefits to Getting Extended Automobile Warranties

Most car purchasers are likely not thinking about warranties because they are so excited to get their new automobile. However, as experts on the benefits of an extended car warranty, we aim to assist the buyer in seeing the value in it. Therefore, Autopair aims to be a top dealership and brand in Canada’s automotive industry by providing distinctive F&I coverage in a way that encourages customer loyalty and trust in the quality of the offered services and products.

The warranty is meant to provide comfort while driving. Unexpected failures can happen at any time. However, they are more common in older, used cars. Every car owner needs to have a strategy for how they will cover the cost of repairs. Purchasing an extended car warranty in Canada is one of the main methods to plan for these expenses.

Purchasing an extended warranty has several benefits If you can’t afford unexpected repair bills and you want to keep your car for a number of years. Some of the most common benefits of extended car warranties are listed below.

Save a significant amount of money on costly repairs.

Cars are still extremely expensive to repair even though their durability has increased over time. Even owners of brand-new cars spend $1,186 per year on maintenance and repairs, according to AAA.

According to Angie’s List, a typical timing belt replacement can cost up to $900. Additionally, if a broken timing belt damages a car’s pistons, water pump, or valves, a replacement may cost up to $2,000 or more.

If you have an extended car warranty from a reliable company like Autopair, you will just have to pay a small deductible when your timing belt has to be replaced.  When evaluating the benefits of extended car warranties, this is likely the most important factor to take into account.

Keep your vehicle instead of feeling pressure to sell it.

If your car requires an expensive repair in order to be driven safely, you may feel it necessary to sell it even if you would like to keep it.

According to AAA, one out of every three Americans cannot afford an unexpected car repair expense of $500 to $600. If you want to keep your vehicle but can’t afford a pricey repair but can afford a monthly car warranty payment, then purchasing an extended warranty in Canada is a wise choice.

Customize your protection.

Many car warranty companies let you create a partially or totally customized plan based on your needs. For instance, modern vehicles have advanced technological systems that often break down or require repair. It makes sense for auto owners to invest in an extended warranty for their vehicle’s technological systems if they can’t survive without their Bluetooth or navigation system.

Minimize the Cost of Ownership

The average cost of owning a car in 2021, according to AAA, was $9,282. Being able to save money is crucial because owning a car is not a cheap investment. You can save money on expensive out-of-pocket repairs with the help of an extended warranty or auto protection plan. While there are certain upfront expenses or charges associated with a protection package, your provider will cover any large repair bills incurred throughout the course of your coverage. In particular, you won’t have to stress about high maintenance costs with Autopair.

The Added Benefits

Third-party extended warranty or vehicle cover providers can provide customers with extra benefits like roadside help or gift cards in addition to lowering the expense of expensive repair bills.

If you’re ready to protect your car and put money back in your pocket, request a free, no-obligation quote. You can also visit the Autopair website for more information and automotive advice.

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