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What Would Void a Car Warranty?

The best car warranty for the car owner covers all maintenance expenditures. When a buyer purchases a new vehicle then only the company warranty covers all of the maintenance expenditure. But when this warranty period is over then you have to look for a third party that covers your maintenance expenditure.

There are several third-party companies available for consumers. The main purpose of an extended warranty is that will provide you with a warranty on your car for an even longer period than you required. It’s an ideal contract to have with Autopair.

The matter of concern is that every contract has a double side while you sign up. When the consumer cars face any type of issue then it will be compulsory for the service provider to cover the maintenance work schedule. At that time, you should make sure that you choose the perfect plan for your vehicle. So that your maintenance should not be derailed according to your contract schedule.

Of course, nobody will ever void the warranty in any case to interrupt its vehicle maintenance. Sometimes it could happen due to miscommunication between the owner and the contractor.

Here we discuss some facts that should be looked at and what would void a car warranty. This article will surely help you to what you should and shouldn’t do to avoid warranty issues

What factors will void Your Car Warranty?

Your car warranty remains live as long as you take care of your car maintenance schedule.  There are some factors that people do that result ends up with their warranty.

  1. Improper Fluids
  2. Vehicle Abuse
  3. Salvage Title
  4. Altered Odometer

1: Improper Fluids

When manufacturing companies design auto cars, they will have to pass many tests after assembly to get to the finish line. In the same sense, vehicles have to through the fluids test to check their functionality.

Therefore, they go through a lot of checking parameters to determine the performance of the fluid. So, usage of recommended fluids is compulsory to void a car warranty.

People do not use fluids recommendations by manufacturers that utilize them in their vehicles. This could happen due to various reasons on the consumer’s end. They might use fluids, which are not recommended by the manufacturer. Because of the unavailability of proper fluids in the market near them. The main function of the fluid vanished due to improper usage of fluids because it would not provide proper lubrication to the vehicle.

2: Vehicle Abuse

It is something special you need to take it seriously in so many ways. It may include misuse of the vehicle in racing, participation in any racing competition, and driving on bad roads. Everything that is not suitable for the vehicle’s standard parameters falls into the category of misusage.

3: Salvage Title

On the other hand, using the vehicle outside its normal operating conditions is one thing. On the other hand, a salvage title is a different issue. This factor would void a car warranty at minimum effect.

For example, if you’ve bought a second-hand car from someone you don’t even know. Else and the car was previously involved in severe damage, So you may be called as a salvage title. Now, the person you bought that car from is going through the maintenance process and sold it to you in that maintenance condition.

When you purchased the vehicle from the previous owner, the initial warranties were transferred to you as per policy guidelines.

The matter of concern is that salvage title car is that particularly their warranty program no longer covers the warranty consumer wants.

4: Altered Odometer

The major reason to void the best car warranty is with tempering the vehicle’s odometer. For the following reasons, the warranty becomes void.

  • The odometer has been tampered
  • Disconnected
  • Replaced

How would you avoid Vehicle Warranty Problems?

There are a few key factors you need to keep in mind to avoid the situation of voiding a car warranty.

  • First of all, make sure you never abuse the vehicle. You need to use your car only with the prescribed operating parameters.
  • You have to use only the manufacturer-recommended fluids for your vehicle.
  • When the car is in the warranty period, make sure you stick to the scheduled maintenance. This could happen only if you keep a record of the maintenance with all the receipts.

In the above, we try to commence some main factors that would void a car warranty. But we recommend you read every aspect of the warranty policy. You have to draw a clear line between things that are covered by the warranty and what did not.

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